Beach Town Vibes: Relaxed, Effortless, Photo Sharing

By Emily Mudge

I love taking pictures. I love everything about it, from adventuring to new locations to framing up my shot; from the comfortable weight of the camera against my hands and face to the satisfying whirr-click as the shutter closes to capture my photo.

And where I live, it’s hard to take a bad picture. The New York Times recently rated Santa Cruz, CA as the happiest place to live in California, and the 3rd happiest place to live in the United States. Visit the idyllic city on any sunny day, and it’s easy to see why. Bordered by redwood forests on one side and kelp forests on the other, the people of Santa Cruz are some of the most vibrant, free spirited people I have ever met. It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear so long as you can appreciate the breathtaking views that can be found just steps outside your door.

Santa Cruz Wharf and Beach Boardwalk as seen from Lighthouse Point.

Yet, as a photographer, I am often faced with the challenge of sharing just how beautiful my hometown is. First, I have to take my photos off of my camera and load them onto my computer. Then I have to load them off my computer and onto my phone. Then I have to find the right shot and wait for it to upload to whichever social media site I choose, and I have so many messy folders of pictures on all my devices that I can never find the ones I’m looking for.

There’s always something amazing to capture in Santa Cruz, like this tree at Wilder Ranch State Park – roam around this 360 image.

I never know where I’m going to end up, so when I catch the perfect shot, I want to be able to share it right away. Which is why Keenai is the perfect photo management app for me. I can shoot photos on a Pentax WiFi enabled camera or with a WiFi SD card and have them instantly available in the Keenai app on all my devices, so I can share photos easily and instantly.

With Keenai, all my photos are organized and easily searchable, so that the perfect shot no longer takes me hours to find. Instead of endless cables and transferring of files, I can share my pictures across my social media accounts without even leaving the beach. Which is, as we say in Santa Cruz, pretty rad.

Something else rad – the sliver of ocean visible over the giant redwood forest at Henry Cowell State Park.

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