Easily Create and Share Visual Stories

Introducing Story View & Profiles

Keenai now allows users to view shared albums in a captioned story layout– essentially visual storybooks consisting of captioned still images, 360° photos and videos, and video clips that automatically play while the viewer is scrolling through the album. They are so much more compelling than a bunch of images on a web page. Check out this amazing album from user Larry Gonzalez on his trip to the Anzo Borrego Desert for the Super Bloom.

Want to make your own stories? Just add captions to your images in any shared album, and the viewer will be able to toggle between the traditional grid layout and the new story view using the grid icons. (Pro tip: you can also add “/story” to any share URL to default to the story view when sharing.)

Another key new feature is the Profile page, where members can easily invite their friends and family to view published albums as if it is their personal photo website. Since we use a single and never-changing link, friends and family won’t have to search their email or text messages for shared links to individual albums, they can find them all on in one easy-to-find place. Check out Larry’s profile here, and explore more of his stories.

Start sharing select albums on your profile! Simply create an album (or visit an already created album) on app.keenai.com. Click on the Sharing icon, just like you were sending to family or friends, and then “Add to Public Profile”. The next step will confirm you wish to make the album publicly available on your profile link, as well as allow you to grab your actual profile URL.

Continue to add any albums you wish to display on your profile by repeating these steps. This new feature allows anyone with the link to your profile to see your latest public albums and stories without receiving or searching for individual share invitations. Whether you are a soccer mom documenting every game of the season or an adventurous traveler jetting between locations, we hope that this new feature will help you more easily share your albums with those trying to keep up with you and tell your personal story.
We look forward to adding more features to the new profiles soon, but until then, just a reminder that your profile is public and to only add albums you wish to share publicly. (Private album sharing is still available as it was previously via the sharing icon, don’t worry!)

Read the full press release about profiles, story view and the rest of the recent enhancements to Keenai here.