Nick Roberts: From Film to Keenai

With 40 years of photography experience under his belt, Nick Roberts of Just Digital Productions is no amateur. He began shooting events as a sophomore in high school, when a journalism teacher invited him to come along to help photograph weddings on the weekends. From there, Roberts says, the amount of photos he took snowballed. Now he continues to take pictures of events, as well as doing portraits and senior photos.

“Over the years, things have just gotten so much easier. I know, back in the days of film, when you would do a wedding, you would hold your breath until your proofs came back because you didn’t know whether you got the shot or not until your proofs came back from the lab. And now you get a lot of pressure taken off knowing that, as you’re shooting, you can see that you got the shot that you want. And knowing that when I do take the shot, even if something happens that my card gets corrupted, up to that point I know that whatever I’ve shot has already been backed up to the [Keenai] software.”

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