How to Save Hours of Time Spent Searching for Photos

By Emily Mudge

In the age of all things digital, it seems files are somehow more disorganized than when we kept them in unlabeled boxes or cabinets, shoving things in and hoping they would fit. Photos are especially messy, when they’re all thrown onto a hard drive with no way to separate the precious memories from the document you took a picture of because you didn’t want to forget something. Photo file names aren’t discernible and do little to represent the beauty of the photo you took. And you keep telling yourself you’ll sort through them eventually, but, let’s face it, you just don’t have the time for that. Even when you do have a few free minutes to spare, why would you spend it organizing photos when you could be spending it doing the activity you love?

Keep your files as clean as the water at the Loch Lomond drinking water reservoir.

Keenai makes photo management easy, so all of your free time can really be free. Just open the desktop or web application on your computer, and drag and drop all of your photos. Not only does Keenai prioritize a photos-first organization so you never have to search or sort by file name again, it organize your photos by date or by smart tags, and also backs up all of your photos to the cloud, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing the originals.

Once uploaded, navigate to the tags view to see how Keenai organized your photos. Have an endless pile of document photos and screenshots you’ve been meaning to delete? Find them all in one place and trash them straight from the Keenai app. Don’t want to sort through all the photos of the beach to find one of a horse? Use the search bar to find “horses.”

Use the search function to find photo content like this horse seen at Wilder Ranch State Park.

Keenai makes photo management effortless so that you can find every memory without the frustration and hassle of sorting through everything yourself.

Learn more about how to search your Keenai account using the web application.