Improve Your Photography Skills With This Photo Management App

By Emily Mudge

The Keenai Discover feature is perfect for aspiring photographers looking to learn more about ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Users can view information on each shot within the view of the shot itself or from the Discover panel, where users can sort photos and see graphs of how the exposure settings are related to each other and to the date and time. The ability to visualize all of this information is important for amateur photographers. Exposure settings can be scary at first; Keenai helps you understand how to better utilize these settings. For example, here are two pictures taken on the same day, where the only difference is a slight change in framing and a change in ISO.

This photo has an aperture of 9.0

Here is another set of pictures, this time where the aperture changed.

And this one has an aperture of 13.0. Nothing else changed.

Aperture is how much of your photo is in focus, and does not specifically refer to brightness. Yet it can heavily impact the brightness of your image, along with the shutter speed.

Photo with a shutter speed of 1/800.

Same photo, taken with a shutter speed of 1/200.

Learn more about the Discover panel in the web application.