Larry Gonzales: A New Way To Tell Your Stories

Larry Gonzales likes to travel. From the totality of the eclipse in Oregon to the red rocks of the Southwest’s national parks, he’s seen it all. And the one thing that remains most consistent over the miles is his love of taking photos.

Using his iPhone, a point and shoot camera, and an SLR camera, Larry captures every breathtaking moment. All of his photos are available instantly in the Keenai app, so he can view and share them while still enjoying the view.

Yet one problem still remains. “I like the idea of kind of being able to create a story with my photos when I share them,” Larry said. “Versus just having a bland, flat gallery if you will.”

Larry can share his pictures, but not his stories. Each photo has a unique story to tell, but those stories get lost in the flow of photos.

That’s why Keenai is proud to introduce story view as an additional layout for Larry to share his albums. With story view, users can seamlessly integrate each photo into a story with captions. This blog-like feature embraces not just the photographer, but the storyteller in all of us. So whether it’s the North rim of the Grand Canyon or the towering pillars of Utah’s Bryce Canyon, Larry can share not just the breathtaking views but also the side splitting, heartbreaking, and edge of your seat stories that go along with them. Check out Larry’s story about the Anza Borrego desert Super Bloom here.

See more of Larry’s work on his Keenai profile here and follow him on instagram here.