On the Big Screen: Easily Preview Large Screen Photos Straight From Your DSLR

By Emily Mudge

Let’s face it: camera screens could stand to improve. Sure, it’s fine for adjusting your exposure. But for previewing images? The screen is too small, and always too dark to tell if your photo came out okay, and there’s no way to comfortably show your shots to people you’re with. Either you have to trust them enough to just hand over your camera, or you have to stand awkwardly close together while they peer over your shoulder.

Previewing photos on the tiny camera screen is as tough as the climb up these rocks at Moon Rocks in Bonny Doon.

It shouldn’t be this hard to preview photos, and it doesn’t have to be. Using a WiFi enabled camera or SD card along with the Keenai app, you can preview your images instantly on any mobile device. Instead of trying to view photos on the tiny, dark camera screen I can immediately view them on suddenly my phone, laptop, tablet, or wherever I prefer to use my Keenai app that day. You can instantly see that your photos are good, and easily show them to others without surrendering your camera or your personal space.

I prefer to use a Samsung tablet in conjunction with a Ricoh Pentax K-1 WiFi enabled camera. With these tools and the Keenai app loaded up and ready to go, I can go out into any kind of weather, since the K-1 has extensive weather sealing, and snap a few quick shots. Then I can hop back into my car where my tablet already shows all of the photos I just took. I can see if there are enough pictures I’m satisfied with on an appropriately sized screen and while safe from the cold winds or baking sun. If there aren’t enough, I can jump back out and shoot a few more, but I never have to stand around waiting at the mercy of the weather.

It’s almost always cold and windy at Santa Cruz Harbor, which is why I love being able to get back in my warm car to look at my photos.

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