Save Your Long Distance Friendship with the Best Photo Album Sharing

By Emily Mudge

For most of the year while I’m at college, I get to live with my best friends. And then summer rolls around, and we all go our separate ways for three months. I head to my beautiful beachside hometown of Santa Cruz, California. One of my friends heads to her summer internship in Seattle, the other to her home in Chicago.

A view I wish my friends could see – “It’s Beach” in Santa Cruz, CA.

We call and text as much as possible, but somehow it’s not enough. I get to see stunning views everyday, and I wish they were here to see them with me. Posting a photo album to Facebook is too impersonal for this communication – I want them to know I took these pictures for them. I scroll through my phone looking at all the photos and trying to choose just one or two that I can text them.

Something else I wish my friends could see – A preserved colonial ranch house at Wilder Ranch State Park.

Then I see the icon in the top left of my screen: “Keenai syncing 94%”. All of the pictures I had taken on my phone along with those I had taken on my DSLR were available for me to share. I was able to create an album of as many of my best photos as I wanted, then send them a link. No massive file for them to download, no hoping they see it on Facebook but forever unsure. Just a link to all of the photos I wanted them to see!

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