Carol Faulkner: Savoring Every Moment

Although Carol Faulkner considers herself a photo hobbyist, she takes lots of photos for friends and family, from shooting weddings to chronicling a baby’s growth every month. And while her pictures are incredible, what’s more incredible is the story of why she finally purchased her first camera.

Carol’s mother in law was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago. Up until that point, she had been waiting to purchase a camera. Yet when the diagnosis came, Carol made the decision to finally get a camera so she could document every memory together to share with her family.

A year later, when Christmas rolled around, Carol was able to create a beautiful album from all of the photos she had stored in Keenai:

“I was able to compile that whole year and make an album for her, and Keenai made it that much more feasible and easy to just put everything together. Whenever I would save the pictures, it would be set up in a way that I could go back later and start working on the folders and albums. I had all of the pictures in there, they’re all set up by month, or all set up by events, or things that I thought were important.”

Since then, she has been using Keenai to share photos with friends and family who are excited to see everything she has been up to. Her mother in law, still alive today, loves receiving album links, and Carol was even able to convert her husband’s grandfather into a Keenai user:

“My husband’s grandpa was really really into photography back in the day when he had a darkroom and he would develop his own pictures. And I was able to get him started with this as well, and he’s really just liked how easy it is to use.”

The ease of collecting and organizing photos, combined with a way to share photos without even leaving the app, is what makes their Keenai experience great.

See more of Carol’s work on Keenai here and follow her on Facebook here.