Keenai: Your photos, the features you want, and the value you need

Keenai Photo BackupOriginal resolution
backup handled automatically.

Keenai DSLR Camera Wifi SupportConnects with most WiFi-enabled
photo capture devices.

360* photo and video
storage and browsing.

Keep Your Photo Memories Safe.

Your photos and videos get automatically uploaded through our mobile app, from your computer, or even from your WiFi enabled camera, so you can have every shot at your fingertips, no matter the time or place.

Connect Your Camera to the Cloud
(and Your Desktop) via Keenai.

Keenai - Save photos to the cloud from wifi enabled cards

Transfer directly to any of the Keenai apps from your WiFi camera or WiFi SD card, and then automatically sync from the application to the cloud.

Photos can upload from your desktop or automatically backup to a specified folder so you always have your full resolution photos memories safe in multiple places.

Every Device.  Endless Possibilities.

On the cutting edge of 360° photo & video, Keenai supports WiFi transfer, full view, backup and tagging of spherical images and videos, including HD playback, on all platforms: web, iOS and Android.

View Photos Anywhere
and Share Instantly.

With your entire photo library synced to your device, your memories are always in your back pocket. Share stories of your latest events and adventures as gorgeous captioned albums combining photo, video and 360° images.  

Effortless Organization for Easy Searching

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon sorting through boxes of old photos just to find the one you were looking for, you’ll know how important organization help can be. Our smart image recognition system tags your photos for you, making it easier than ever to search and find the right one.

Keenai Smart Photo Search for Photos by Tags

Built to Exceed Photographers Needs

Keenai lets your photos stand front and center. Photographers appreciate the full display of EXIF data, de-duplication, RAW photo storage and compatibility with Lightroom and other desktop editing tools. Also works with IFTTT for customizing your workflow. The Discover feature shows how your camera settings affect the quality of your pictures.

Make Every Moment Picture Perfect.

Sometimes your photos don’t come out their very best on the first try. Everyone has those less than Instagram worthy moments where your finger is covering part of the lens, or someone is photo bombing in the background. Keenai apps feature simple editing tools that allow you to edit your photos easily so that every moment is picture perfect. Easily crop and rotate images, or revert to the original. Your changes sync automatically across all your devices.

Keenai Picture Perfect Editing Crop Photobomb


How is Keenai different from other photo services?

Unlike traditional storage services, Keenai is built for photographers. Thumbnails are larger, photos are edge-to-edge, and everything is arranged together into a beautiful collage. When you open a photo, it fills up the whole screen. Keenai allows you to store UNLIMITED photos, including RAW files, and up to 300 videos a month.

Do you compress or alter the resolution of my images?

With Keenai, you never have to sacrifice your precious memories. While free services compromise the original quality of your photos, with Keenai you can store unlimited full resolution photos and your highest quality files stay backed up on our secure cloud, leaving you with more space on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

What devices can I use with Keenai?

Keenai includes a complete ecosystem, no matter which device you use.  With apps for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices and Windows and Mac computers, and the web application is always available at – you will always have your memories close. with the ability to edit and organize on any device, anytime, on or offline. Changes sync to all devices automatically.

Keenai is also compatible with over 50 major camera models and Toshiba FlashAir cards for automatic transfer directly to the Keenai app.

What types of files can I store in Keenai?

Combine photos and videos from your DSLRs, 360 degree cameras, WiFi cameras, phones and desktop collections into one easy to view collection  Store as many photos as you want, including RAW, and up to 300 videos per month securely in the cloud.

How do I share with Keenai?

Easily share via a link or an email, or post images and videos directly to Facebook, Instagram and other social networks. Publish select albums to your personal profile link and create an easy place for your friends and family to keep up with your latest adventures.

What are Smart Tags?

Smart tags automatically identify and label each image by subject matter such as food, nature, people and more and you can add your own tags to further classify and find photos fast. Search photos by date, time, location, camera model and dozens of other attributes.

What languages is Keenai available in?

Keenai supports customers worldwide in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Japanese with all our applications.

How do I find out more about Keenai?

Want all the skinny?  Check out our blog and support site and learn more about getting started with Keenai.